Restaurant & Grocery Management System

Take your grocery and restaurant online with our robust online delivery app that allows you to offer in house delivery

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How Our System Helps You Transform Your Restaurants & Groceries Online

Offer delivery. Digitalised Menu & more.

Digitse Your Business

You will be able to reduce your operational cost while tapping into new opportunities the online market has

Admin Dashboard

You will have access to your own dashboard where you can add menu, oversee orders and run your shop

Digital Menu

Your client can order from the convenient of their smartphone without any hassle

Delivery partner Integration

Offer delivery to your customers either via self delivery or choose from any integration we have with delivery companies

Reach Bigger Market

With the system, you are no longer restrict to the physical location of your shop. You can expand your market

POS System (Soon)

Integrate to your POS system and have a fully digitalise management system that will propel your business further

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